SABfx (c)1991,1998 Steve A. Baker
All Rights Reserved

TICKER - This ticker comes complete with 16 fonts and over 25 text sizes and rainbow full of 24-bit colors. Supports up to 600 pixels wide by 35 pixels tall. Four masking screens are provided: None, 1 pixel, 2x2 pixels and 3x3 pixels to allow your own custom look for your ticker. The Background BAR can be flat, convex or concave in a gradient of color. The "ticker.dat" file contains the information needed to create 'your ticker' and helpful 'format' of the parameters like width, height, scrolling speed, BAR colors and the individual text lines. Fast ZIP file download.
Feel FREE to use the SABfx "TICKER" on your own computer or website. Enjoy. -SAB